Hello from California

The weather is warm but not as warm as I would like. The temps average 61 to 68 degrees. I love to swim and the pool here is heated but I hate the chill when I get out. OK I know all my Minnesota friends are saying “oh poor you” but ya this stuff is tuff lol.

We are currently in San Diego. From Oregon we moved slowly down the coast. We spent a week in Pismo Beach, did some sight seeing and hanging around the beach. We also went to Hearst Castle. This place was absolutely stunning. A quote from one of my friends, “it’s dripping in wealth”. To me it’s always amazing, such grand architect being built in such a time when it was so difficult to get the materials and to bring them to these locations.

The building of the castle was a joint effort between Hearst himself and a female architect named Julia Morgan. The effort to build, was during the years of 1919 and 1947. The grounds also have two other guest cottages that would be suited for a king or a queen. Again pure luxury. The estate has a tennis court, inside and outside pools and a movie theater.

During the process of building his grand estate Hearst decided to make his castle more of a museum. His purchases were architectural elements from Europe and Spain. There were so many gorgeous tapestry throughout the estate.

Among the splendor of Hearst castle was also the acreage itself that he had. It spanned over 430,000 acres and among the land he had exotic animals for his guest to see as they rode horseback around the estate. He had exotic animals of all breeds, Llamas, kangaroos, ostrich, and zebra. As you drive down highway one you can still see the zebra from his estate roam the fields.

While in Pismo Beach we relaxed on the beach combing for shells or reading a good book. We also saw a huge pod of seals sunbathing.

As I said earlier we have now landed in San Diego. We are here for a month. We chose San Diego because we were flying to Puerto Vallarta and we found the cheapest tickets out of here.

We are staying at a RV resort which can be pretty fun. They have pools, hot tubs, yoga classes along with many other things to keep us entertained on rainy days. I like the variety of choices we have when choosing where we want to stay. I love the mountains and I love the ocean. It is so fantastic to be climbing mountains one week and then attending a yoga class the next.

While in Puerto Vallarta I decided to tackle one of my fears. That was Parasailing. We go to Puerto Vallarta every year and I have always been afraid to do it. My excuse which is funny is that I was always worried I would not be able to get down. So this year I did it and it was such a blast. Floating so high above the water was peaceful and so quiet, and I did make it down. bahahhaa.

We will be in San Diego for one more week and then we head on to Palm Springs for Christmas and New Years.

To all my family and friends, Merry Christmas, Love and peace to all

Do What you can, with all you have , wherever you are. Theodore Roosevelt

Namaste Kathy

By Kathy

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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