Fear of the unknown

Always an adventure. This is what life has given us and I would not change it. Many times thus far it has taken me out of my comfort zone. To me this is a great thing. I have had to think outside the box and have experienced stuff I normally would not otherwise. There are things I do miss from Rochester. I recieved a text from one of my dear friends in Rochester Mn of their childern treat or treating at our old home and that made my heart a little sad. That is the stuff I do miss. Our house looked amazing at halloween.

On with the show. After leaving Fort Stevens we contiued to head south. We decided to stay at a cute little town named Cresent beach. We had a beautiful view of the ocean. One of our reasons for staying here was it was close to the Redwoods and we wanted to do some hiking there. These trees are the tallest amongest the oldest on earth. These beautiful huge and breathtaking views were incredible.

These are some of the views from our motorhome. The picture of the seagull is one of my favorites. He stands so proud and majestic

On to the Redwood National Park. These pictures do not do it justice. I felt so small while there. These trees are truly majestic, ( I seem to use that word alot) Maybe I should say “breath taking” These trees can grow over 350 ft tall

We left Cresent Beach and decided we wanted to go to the Sequoia National forest. This is where fear of the unknown comes in.

We found a camp ground that was suppose to be close to the forest so we booked our time there. We turned off hwy 5 and started driving deeper and deeper into the mountains. Winding up higher and higher. Again this is when I start wondering ” why in the holy blazes don’t they have guard rails”. We are surrounded by nothing but beautiful mountains. There were no towns within 15 miles of the camp ground. Also we lost all service, no internet or phone service.

When we finely got to the campground I became even more concerned. This was a place where there were a lot of long term campers with spots mixed in for transients like us. Unfortunately with this type of campground I find they are not well kept up. (Not all of them that I have been to but most. ) We went into the office to check in and the people behind the counter were so kind and funny. They gave us our campsite and when we got to it we found the site to be really really uneven and big boulders around it that there was no way we were going to fit. Also our neighbors were blasting some pretty loud music. Now if it were that good old rock and roll I wouldn’t have minded. Soo back to the office we went and again they were kind enough to give us another site that was much more level. Again the music was blasting from our neighbors but is was the good old rock and roll that I enjoyed hearing.

This was halloween weekend and we found out they were having a halloween party with bouncy houses, free hotdogs and soda and also pumpkin carving contest and halloween costume contests for kids and adults. The party was a blast. We met some neat people and some of the costumes were amazing. There seemed to be more then 100 kids with adults at the party. I still don’t know were they all came from considering this little camp ground is out in the mountains close to nothing but it was fantastic. Our neighbors on both sides of us gave us candy to pass out for trick or treating that night. I had been talking to Renee prior to this trip on what we were going to do for halloween and this turned out to be a perfect way to celebrate.

We did spend a couple days seeing the Sequoia trees. We saw the General Shermon tree that is the tallest in the world and is over 2000 years old. It blows my mind that it is that old. This tree is huge and beautiful. Unfortunately because of the California drought many of the smaller trees next to these giants had to be cut down so the giants could have the water from the rain.

I always say this and I will again these pictures do not do any of these beautiful huge trees justice, enjoy.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the World” Mahatma Gandhi

By Kathy

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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