Beach Life

Hello, hello, It certainly was a long 2020. Although I continue to be grateful for so much. We have been moving around the country slowly. As winter moved in we started moving south/west. We spent a month in Palm Springs California, we had been there last year so we new it would work for us.…… Continue reading Beach Life

Apostle Islands

Apostle Islands, Magical and beautiful. Our time here was short, yet we were able to see such beauty around each turn. The islands are located on the northern tip of Wisconsin in Lake Superior. The area is an out door paradise. The sea caves were my favorite. The large waves from Lake Superior carved out…… Continue reading Apostle Islands


We’ve been in Rochester Mn for a month now. Visiting family and friends. It’s always good to be home (not for to long though 🙂 During the time here we continue to learn the new “norm”. I have been revisiting past photos of were we’ve been and reminiscing on the beauty of this country. Enjoy…… Continue reading Reminisce


It has taken me some time to start this blog. Feeling, the dictionary describes the word in Adjective form as 1) sensitive: sentient 2) readily affected by emotion; sympathetic. Adjective words, Angry, sad, content, glad, scared, and anxious. That my friends is how I’ve been feeling. It has been sooooo difficult to work through all…… Continue reading Feelings

The Sunny Life

I hope everyones holiday was fantastic and everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. Renee and I did struggle with presents for each other. One, because it’s hard to shop when that person is with you twenty four seven, two, we both have everything we need and three, it would have to be something small…… Continue reading The Sunny Life