Hello from California

The weather is warm but not as warm as I would like. The temps average 61 to 68 degrees. I love to swim and the pool here is heated but I hate the chill when I get out. OK I know all my Minnesota friends are saying “oh poor you” but ya this stuff is…… Continue reading Hello from California

Travels Galore

Wow it has been quite the 3 weeks. A lot of different things and stuff have been going on and in-between all that “stuff” we also have gotten to be in some pretty amazing places. First I want to start by laughing at myself. I am not very privy with computers. Starting this blog has…… Continue reading Travels Galore

Views oh beautiful views

This was our view Sept 2nd., absolutely stunning. We left Rapid City that day with the intention of staying at a state camp ground in Wyoming. The temp was in the 100 when we left so we thought it would be best to be somewhere that we could plug into for electricity. The GPS was…… Continue reading Views oh beautiful views

South Dakota

My question of the day, If a fly travels with you from one town or state to another, when it gets out of the motor home is it wondering “where in the heck am I”??? Bahaha We are slowly moving through S.D. Our last stop before going to Wyoming was Rapid City. As everyone probably…… Continue reading South Dakota

On the road

August 28th 2019 we hit the road. EXITED. This is it, planning routes, planning places to stay, asking questions, should we boon dock? stay at a camp site? How long do we want to stay where ever it is we want to go to? Loving life. We are now towing the pick up, a few…… Continue reading On the road

Planning our journey

We are currently at Autumn Woods RV park in Rochester Mn. With full time Rving one still needs to plan. We decided to stay in Rochester to make sure all the loose ends have been taken care of. Next is the task of planning our route out west. We need to plan hours on the…… Continue reading Planning our journey