About me

My name is Kathy and I will be doing most of the publishing on this blog. My wife’s name is Renee and we have a cute little white fur baby named Elle. Renee and I met 11 years ago and the one passion we found that we both loved doing is traveling. That in turn sparked our 3 year conversation about could we possibly leave in a RV full time and travel around the U.S.

We started with a 24 foot travel trailer that we loved. We used it for two years and during that time realized we could live in close quarters together and decided this is truly a dream and yes we wanted to do it full time.

A lot of questions were asked, do we want something bigger to live in? If so do we want an other trailer or motorhome? If a motorhome what brand?. We decided on a Tiffin Allegro Red. The motor home was chosen due to safety. We liked the fact that we could pull over and stay in it. Renee has driven trucks in the past because of her career so driving the motor home was really easy for her.

Renee and I both turned 62 in 2018 and were able to retire. We will be starting full time after our home is sold which should be by this fall (2019)

Please do continue to fall along, it should be quite the adventure.

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