Apostle Islands

Apostle Islands, Magical and beautiful. Our time here was short, yet we were able to see such beauty around each turn.

The islands are located on the northern tip of Wisconsin in Lake Superior. The area is an out door paradise. The sea caves were my favorite. The large waves from Lake Superior carved out caves on the sides of the cliffs. multiple shapes and carvings were beautiful to view.

We took an evening cruise around the islands. The cruise line was amazing to tour with. They were knowledgable and very conscious with Covid19 guidelines. if interested their web site is Apostleislands.com

The evening was beautiful while watching the sunset on the red sandstone sea caves. The blue and turquoise colored water splashing against the cliff made it even more awe inspiring. A small side note, as we were on this cruise we were sitting on the top deck and a man was standing four rows in front of us, his hat blew off and I caught it over the railing as it was flying by, that was a WOW moment.

The next day we did two different hikes. The first one was at Lost Creek Falls located in Cornucopia Wisconsin. Beautiful walk that is 3 miles round trip. The walk is through a beautiful green wooded forest, with a boardwalk through a lot of the path.

The second hike was at Meyers beach sea cave trail. The path again is wooded but this one more challenging with steep up and down rocky paths and 6.6 miles round trip. I love the challenge and more so the views at the end.

Renee and I are both so happy that we are able to be out traveling and enjoying the beauty of this wonderful country.

Stay safe, stay educated and most of all stay Optimistic.


By Kathy

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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