It has taken me some time to start this blog. Feeling, the dictionary describes the word in Adjective form as 1) sensitive: sentient 2) readily affected by emotion; sympathetic. Adjective words, Angry, sad, content, glad, scared, and anxious.

That my friends is how I’ve been feeling. It has been sooooo difficult to work through all the feelings I’m having due to our current situation.

It certainly has affected Renee’s and my travel. Our big plan was to meet up with my daughter and granddaughter in Florida. Everything starting closing when Renee and I got there and of course it wasn’t safe for my daughter and granddaughter to fly down.

I am angry that this virus has affected so many people in so many different ways. I am angry that the kids won’t have their 2020 graduation. I’m angry new grand parents can’t hug their new grand babies. I’m angry that I can’t shake hands with new friends.

I read stories daily and worry about my daughter and all my old co -workers and friends that are in health care. I am scared that I will loose someone to this virus.

I am sad that I can’t hug someone when saying hello or saying goodbye. I’m sad that we have such a huge NEW way of having to live. We will need to learn to read a smile in someones eyes not their mouths. Will have to learn to elbow or fist bump instead of a strong and loving hand shake. We will need to learn to “keep our distance”.

I am also grateful. Grateful that my family or anyone close to me has not succumb to the virus. I am grateful that I have not lost a job. (I’m already retired 🙂 )

I am thankful Renee and I are healthy. We are in a position that we can still enjoy the nuances of this beautiful country, although in a very limited way.

I most of all keep my head up and plug away. I do love the comedy coming out of the crisis in our country. Here’s a couple I found, 1) To everyone saying America won’t reopen strong, Jurassic Park reopened five times after people were eaten Alive , five times. Another that I found funny, and now a days when someone asks if you want to go eat out your comment is “everyday, all day, anywhere and anytime. That I can’t wait for. Friends food fun and laughs.

Currently we are in Sedona Arizona, This is one of the many reasons I am grateful and humbled for our life style, we have choices, we picked Sedona to “hunker down” while we wait this out. I’ve posted a few pictures of the beautiful views we were able to enjoy while “social distancing” Love to all


By Kathy

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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