Life’s lessons after 1 Month

Renee and I have been full time Rving for one month now.

We have been through 7 states and have visited 10 RV parks, from small resorts, sculpture gardens and National forests. We have climbed in the Rocky mountains and the Cascades. I have seen lakes and ponds that glisten in the sun that are hidden in these beautiful mountains.

I have thought about it for a couple days, and had to ask myself, so HOW is it going? I also asked Renee how she felt? She did sign a release form saying it was ok for me to disclose our discussion. ( just kidding)

To reflect a little, we went from this

To this

And with that person 24/7. This also is the life of full time Rving. Huge adjustments not only of the physical space but emotional space also. Just space, that beautiful quiet space and time alone that we yearn for.

We have cried, hugged, laughed and shared that we can be scared and also shared that we are strong. (thank you Chad and Nate)

Our daily routines no longer exist. We have to create each day. always asking questions, what do we want to see today? Where do we want to live next week? We have each learned to listen and respect spaces. We have developed routines with whom does what when packing up and un packing when we reach our destination. These small routines are big in their own way, we are starting new routines, learning all over again in a new and exciting way.

After talking we asked the questions how are we doing and did we make the right decision? Our answers were, “we are doing great and hell yes we made the right decision. “We are beyond happy, so humbled and grateful that we are can do this.

We have seen so much already and we have learned even more about each other.

May the journey continue.

The pictures below are Mount Baker and surrounding area. There was a 25 degree temp change when we got to Mount Baker. This is the stuff we love (of course my kids and grand kids are loved more :))

By Kathy

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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