Trials – Tribulations and Fun

Currently I am sitting outside in Buena Vista Co surrounded by mountains. The air is cool but the sun is warm. It has been hard to dress for the weather, I am either cold or too warm, I am learning the terminology ” layer”. The views though continue to be absolutely stunning.

The headline explains what we have been feeling and gone through the past week.

When we arrived in Denver last week we disconnected the pickup from the motorhome. Low and behold we did get it unhitched from the motorhome ( which was our trouble at the last stop) but the battery on the pickup was dead. (dam dam dam) So here we are in the middle of the road in the RV park (me pondering, Renee swearing) on what to do. Renee being the great thinker that she is told me to go down to the office and ask someone if they could give us a jump. So I wandered my way down to ask and found Bob ( who was amazing, shout out to Denver West KOA) said without any hesitation that he would be right up. I was beyond thrilled that this was not a problem at all for him to help with. The battery was REALLY dead, they were able to jump it and so it goes problem solved, at least getting the pickup out of the road.

Now why do you ask was the pickup battery dead??? Right, we asked that too.

We specifically talked to the staff at Noble RV in Rochester whom put the hitch on, to make sure the doo hicky was on there so the battery wouldn’t die while it was being towed. ( You’ll have to ask Renee what the doo hickey is Bahaha) Fail on their part. Currently while we are here in Buena Vista we are taking care of this.

Also we were disappointed that the motorhome did not have better getup and go while going through the mountains towing the pickup. I’m sure it was the weight of the pickup and not me :).

When we left Denver I drove the pickup behind the motorhome to our next spot. The motorhome of course did much better without the pickup. The drive was painless, I turned on some good old sixties music and sang away.

So now we are in Buena Vista Colorado enjoying the views and company. Renees’s best friend moved out here from Illinois. He built a home in the mountains, him and his wife retired out here.

We have hiked, visited small towns and gone to farmers markets. We also drove up and over the Continental divide twice. One pass was Cottonwood and the other was Independence pass that took us to Aspen Co. The elevation of these passes are both around 12,000 feet.

My fear of heights was in overdrive while going through some of these passes. There are no guard rails WTF?? and the roads are really really narrow. As you can see I did survive and below are some of the pictures of the beauty.

“Your never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” C.S. Lewis


By Kathy

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I love Buena Vista! We used to go the Cottonwood Springs hotel on the road up to Cottonwood pass. They have marvelous natural hot springs that you can soak away in!! We have been there several times!


    1. Good morning Marcia, thanks for checking out my blog. It’s been fun and challenging. We did make it to the hot springs, loved it there. We went during the day but many people said that going at night and star gazing was the best. Have a great day


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